Printable Dreamcatcher Core Chart

Almost 3 months in lockdown now, and keeping children in their routine in some way has become much more difficult than usual. While even we adults have a hard time performing our daily routines, it’s very difficult for children to successfully complete these routines. So it is absolutely necessary to put them in line, arrange the daily tasks in some way.

An activity planner in our house was hanging over the desk, but the daily tasks did not write in this planner. That’s why we’ve created a list of responsibilities. Mina chose the colors and elements of the resposibilirty list herself, and we decided to share it with those who need it. You can access thousands of designs on the internet, only all of them are fully covered with adverts. I believe that these planners are helpful products prepared in accordance with their tastes have a fairly positive effect on children.

By clicking on the link below, you can download the pdf file through google drive and print out it from your printer in A4 paper sizes.

Click here to download the Dreamcatcher Task List file.

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