"Dad"-definied frame for Father's Day

Father’s Day gifts are usually bought last minute, unlike Mother’s day when you plan/buy weeks before Mother’s day. For example with my childhood, eachtime we forgot to buy/make a present, we would runover to his closet and steal on of his ties! We always thought he would never notice, but our father knew and never told us

Of course, years have passed, and the gift and shopping industry has become bigger and bigger, now that there’s ads everywhere it’s impossible to forget! But if you’re tired of buying and shopping.. I’m offering you a sweet gift alternative for Father’s Day!!

You can download the printable file in 10×15 format, which you can download from the link below, and you can create a gift that your father can use on his desk and feel good every time he looks at it.

Click here to download the file in sizes 10×15 via google drive as a pdf.

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