How to work from home during Coronavirus:

Working from home during pandemics can be completely different and difficult than bringing work to your home and working. Coronavirus has a big impact on everything from our mental health to our balance in working life. During this time we are locked in our house, you’ve heard the phrase from a lot of people around you, “I don’t want to do anything during these times, I didn’t even enjoy what I read or watched, or did I…” While some thought that time has been frozen, like when meat is putten into the freezer and is waiting to get out. But some people continued working hard and stronger then ever.

Here are a few suggestions that will allow you to work from home with minimal stress and maximum efficiency:

1- Waking up early: The first clue may seem very simple to you, but getting up early is very important to plan your day and prepare for your plans. A quick breakfast with your family before you start to work will also keep you psychologically strong. Remember, when you normally go to work, somehow you socialise in the crowd, where you’re at work you socialise with your colleagues. So somehow you must keep your human side alive.

2- Dressing: It will help you to do your routines such as dressing, brushing your hair and your teeth to help your mind get switch on from home to work mood.

3- Workspace: Specify an area in your home that receives natural sunlight, away from the factors that will distract you. Tidy this space in a way you will enjoy while you working. Remember, a tidy workspace means a tidy mind. It has been proven by studies that a tidy and clean house reduces stress and helps you be happy.

4- Plan your day: Make sure to plan your day before you start to day. Plan your work schedule, break and meal times. (If you have children, set your schedule for their needs). You will feel success en of the day when you complete your daily tasks. Share your daily plannings with your family and tell them to set the time that they want to be in contact with you during your break time.

5- Explore the Eisenhower Matrix: Use the Eisenhower matrix to prioritize your work tasks. In this simple list, you divide your tasks into four categories. Do, Schedule, Delegate, Eliminate.

6- Set goals for yourself: Normally companies set targets for their employees. But since you work from home, your balance of performance is entirely in your hands, so you have to set your own goals. Setting realistic and achievable goals will be a great motivator for you. How many hours you will work in a day or how many houes you will excercise in week, your total screen time on your phone, what percentage of your daily task ou will complete… You can set targets for all of these.

7- Take a break from the news: During the pandemic, ofcourse we would like to folow news and it’s important to be stay informed.  Human brain is attracted to troubling information to detect threats. Tv, newspaper, magazines, radio, social media feeds…Increasing compsumtion of negative information and imagine how hard your mind copes with all these negative news. Don’t be unirformed bu limit time engaging with coronavirus news.

8- Socialize: Continue your social life with colleagues and connect, share ideas, provide support for personal matters.Whether you create chat groups where you’ll also talk to them about non-business issues, use zoom, facetime, host virtual happy hours, organise competitions and many more. If you torn of your social moments with your colegues and talking only about work, you can have difficulties in returning to office.

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