Plan with Eisenhower Matrix

If you're having trouble living in a planned way, the Eisenhower Matrix can help you prioritize your tasks. Using the Eisenhower matrix, you can stay organized, focus on what's more important, sort and plan your tasks.

The important thing is rarely urgent and the emergency is rarely important. – Dwight Eisenhower

Eisenhower's strategy to organize and prioritize your tasks is simple. You will devote your tasks to 4 groups using the following matrix.

1- Urgent and important (immediate tasks)

2- Important but not urgent (tasks that you plan to do later)

3- Urgent but not important (tasks you will transfer to someone else)

4- Neither urgent nor important (you will eliminate)

The Eisenhower matrix is a way of organizing your tasks according to their urgency and importance. The best part of this matrix is that you use it to further enhance your success in the business world, whether you use it in planning your tasks that you need to do during the day in your daily life. Important tasks help you achieve your goals, so they're the tasks we need to focus on. When using this matrix, you should focus on urgent and important tasks, this must be the first part you'll complete during the day.

Important but non-urgent tasks are still very important to your goals, but you can plan them to do them at a more convenient time.

Urgent but insignificant tasks; these tasks must be carried out urgently, but you do not. Therefore, you must transfer these tasks to someone else and not spend your time with these tasks. In your workplace, you've transferred most of the tasks that prevent you from completing your tasks over time.

Avoid performing all tasks that are not urgent or important. If you're going to do relaxing tasks, such as browsing social media, set up a timer to make sure it's out of control.

The great thing about the Eisenhower matrix is that by raising the question of "should I really do this task", it creates unnecessary redundancies in your life, mentally exhausts you, allows you to get rid of your burdens.

Click here to download the Eisenhower matrix in A4 sizes via google drive.

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