Giving homework tasks based on the age of children

Daily tasks play a major role in helping children be more responsible. These tasks not only teach children discipline, but also help children keep themselves and their place clean. The amount of household work each child can do varies, so be sure to specify tasks based on the appropriate age and level before filling out the task list. Below you can see the household chores arranged by age groups. You can sample them, or create your own lists based on your own lifestyle.

And remember, when you share your household chores with your children, you'll organize your home in a shorter time and increase your time together as a family. You're making it less time to spend with him, as well as preventing him from taking responsibility while you're doing what he can.

You can download the Dream Trap task list I previously shared for your children over the age of 8. If you have a unicorn-loving daughter for under 8 years of age, you can download the unicorn task list below via Google Drive.

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