The best house plant for your zodiac sign

Ordering a plant for your home may seem easy, but there is actually a lot to think about when choosing the right plant for your home and yourself. Plants have a variety of temperaments, lifetimes, and care routines, so your houseplants should fit your lifestyle and be personalized just like your home. Do not know which plant will adapt to your temperament, then let the stars decide the choice.

Aries: Cactus

You are not the one to go around, Aries, and you are definitely known for being arrogant and making a statement. Therefore, a cactus may be what you need to channel your personality into your home. Cacti grow in a desert environment, but many different varieties work just fine inside your home. With a cactus, what you see is what you get, which is exactly what you strive for in your own life. Aries may see plant care as a sport, or they can quickly lose all interest. So cacti that don't require much watering or extensive care are ideal for Aries.

Taurus: Money Flower (Jade plant)

As an earth sign ruled by the beauty planet Venus, you may be open to growing a wide variety of plants. You are reliable, determined, and tend to leave things out even when things get tough. Something like the money plant will work well for you. In addition to being a calming asset, this plant will adapt to almost any decor theme in your home. This is also a plant that doesn't draw too much attention to itself – something you can appreciate as a calm and collected person in most situations. Feng shui practitioners place a money tree around their home or workplace to bring positive energy. In addition, his body and style are very compatible with the style of Taurus.

Gemini: Air Plant (Tillandia)

As an air sign, the name of this plant might seem a bit like a match, but these plants suit your personality very well. You are not someone who likes to be attached, you want to make a statement and you are incredibly adaptable to any situation. These playful little flowered green friends don't have bulky roots and don't need to be buried in the ground. They tend to function as hanging plants surrounded by the best air circulation so you can easily move them from one area of your home to another. Being comfortable changing things and being incredibly flexible when it comes to your own life, you can appreciate this herb's willing versatility and ability to move from place to place at home. Also, these plants are effortless to maintain as they mostly thrive in the air.

Cancer Zodiac Sign: I'm embarrassed flower, mimosa

Since you are compassionate and sensitive and love to take care of others, your sign is ideal for pet and plant care, so Mimosa pudica could be the perfect choice for you! Cancer, at one moment they become very shy, at the other time they emerge outspoken and brave. Although the name is fun, these plants are best known for their sensitivity. When their leaves are touched, they quickly fold into themselves. (Remember that doing this to the plant continuously will weaken the plant over time.) Mimosa flowers have the potential to produce small circular flowers in shades of pink, yellow or purple that are colors that appeal to your loving nature.

Leo: Begonia, Begonia Rex

Leo signs love to live in extremes. Sometimes they want to be detached from people, on the other hand, they live a crowded and busy social life. Leo signs love to explain, they have a colorful personality, and they know how to grab the attention of every room they are in. That's why a plant like Begonia rex will suit you perfectly. These plants come in a variety of colors and styles that will allow you to showcase who you are and highlight your home style. They tend to dominate when surrounded by other plants and immediately draw attention. Also, they tend to be self-sufficient and require very little maintenance compared to other plant species; this is something you can strongly appreciate given your independent nature.

Virgo: Prayer flower

Calathea ornata Sanderiana in an orange flowerpot

Virgo signs have a methodical and philosophical character. They live with an analytical mind and their own way of thinking. These qualities of Virgo, who are hermit and enjoy having everything in a certain way, will help them to relate to the prayer flower. They tend to be a popular houseplant choice because of their exciting pattern (they have several varieties, so find one that suits your taste), but they're also known for another interesting reason. At night, the leaves tend to curl up as if they fold their hands while praying. You can understand the nature of this plant as someone who likes to be away from the world and be alone with your thoughts. While they are not difficult to take full care of, prayer plants have specific needs to follow. Someone like you will have no problem with strict parameters, as you pay close attention to detail and can be meticulous on your own.

Libra: Peace Flower

Is it the perfect plant fit for a Libra who likes peaceful, harmonious and beautiful things? Of course, Peace flower. These white flowering plants are the most preferred flowers in modern homes and add a sophisticated air to the room where they are placed. This flower, which is not too demanding in its needs, is perfectly in harmony with the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere of the Libra sign. For Libra, ruled by beauty-loving Venus, there is no need to mention the visual beauty and romance that the flower of peace will bring to the environment. As a bonus, they have a reputation for being a sign of peace that appeals to your desire to bring harmony into your home.

Scorpio: Venus flytrap

Scorpios are fiercely independent signs who follow their own path in life. They have a hard time trusting others and don't look for friendship until they find someone very interesting. It can look intimidating, mysterious, and you like to keep it to yourself, so a Venus flytrap is a great choice for you. If you find yourself drawn to a Venus flytrap, it makes sense because of your similar qualities. These plants are widely known, but they are not generally thought of as houseplants because of their frightening presence. You tend to be quite reserved and if someone gets too close, you'll quickly get close to protect yourself. So it's easy for you to understand why the flycatcher quickly closes its mouth when an attacker dares to trigger it. Also, these plants tend to attract insects with their nectar and emitting a soft bluish glow.

Sagittarius: Pasha's Sword

Springs love to discover, travel and experience new things. However, when people don't understand them, they can be impatient. Because of your adaptability, your somewhat reckless behavior, and your self-explanatory personality, the Pasha sword, also known as the mother-in-law's tongue, is very suitable for your home. These plants are incredibly tall and hardy, and they will strongly highlight any space regardless of where you put them. They also have a reputation for being one of the easiest plants to care for, due to their ability to survive any neglect or abuse they may suffer. For someone who is always on the move and lives their life like you, honestly, you need a plant that requires minimal control. These herbs are known to help clean the air and are effective in preventing diseases and allergies. As a bonus, they also tend to encourage good luck, which works well with your boundless sense of optimism and seeing the good in most things.

Capricorn: Juniper Bonsai

You are traditional, stubborn, and you value hard work in a dedicated way. This makes you very suitable for the juniper bonsai tree. Bonsai is the age-old art of producing small trees in pots to mimic the shape of a full-sized tree. Cultivation techniques require meticulous shaping, pruning, root reduction, shaping, potting, grafting, and defoliation. Although it looks simple, don't be fooled; bonsai requires a considerable and meticulous amount of dedication and practice. But for someone like you who cares about details and is willing to give him the time he deserves, there is no doubt that you will succeed. 

Aquarius: Little Owl cactus-Huernia Zebrina

You are considered one of the most unique signs in the zodiac realm, and you like to look that way. As an air sign ruled by Revolutionary Uranus and hardworking Saturn, because of your progressive and somewhat eccentric nature, you need a different plant than most of the plants you may come across. Not the plants we usually find on a window sill, but a plant as if straight out of a science fiction novel, the Little Owl cactus is the most compatible plant for your sign. However, these exotic plants are definitely one of a kind and do not need much watering or care, which perfectly complements your relaxed and free spirit.

Pisces: String of pearls

As a water sign ruled by Neptune, you are a born dreamer.  You are also an incredibly self-sacrificing and fluid person. You can easily take on anything fun and straightforward like a string of pearls. Not only are these plants fun to look after while their little bulbs are poured all over, they are also incredibly low maintenance and can pretty much blend into the many lights and spaces around your home. Also, some say its tiny white flowers have a pleasant scent, which only adds to its appeal.

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