Turn Winter into a festival

The winter season has arrived, and in this period when we are closed to houses, how about spending the winter in the mood for a festival, warming our soul with shades of a little red and green, and living in a way that makes every day feel spe
cial. Below is a quick list, both a weather that will warm your home throughout December, January and February, as well as details that will make your Christmas table beautiful.

In these days when we're in homes and we can't socialize, I think an evening spent one day a week as if it were a carefully prepared table and a special day will slightly eliminate the bad effects of this modernized prison life on our lives.

Gladelig cups (£24.99)

Winter's indispensable hot drinks warm us even more with such a cup.

Vinter 2020 decorative accessory (24.99₺)

In fact, the Pagans first decorated the birds' houses with apaç branches, which reminded them of spring in winter. Later, the Romans decorated their house with Fir trees for the new year. Christians, on the other hand, used ever-ever-deciduous plants as a sign of eternal life with God.However, when you raise your head in winter, look at the ever-ever-deciduous trees, still decorating our trees with the adman of pine, spruce and firs. So, without having to look for a very religious meaning, what more beautiful décor could be from these landmark trees of winter!

Red Pot

It is possible to find this tiny flower pot in different sizes, it can be a great decoration using the perfect contrast of red and green. The pencil bed can also be used as a decoration element to organize makeup brushes and heat meal tables.

Potted artificial plant (29,99₺)

These artificial plants, which you can use in your desk, window sills, breakfast tables and many more places, are a product that you should not miss with both its price and quality.

Scented candle (£9.99)

If you say why choose green in winter, green, which is actually one of the colors of christmas, is chosen because it reminds you of spring in winter. Leaves mean rebirth, hope, vitality. Since the codes of colors and seasons have been engraved on humanity for centuries, these colors will do you good in winter, even if you are not aware of them.

Scented candle (£19.99)

Since winter is not just a New Year's celebration, but also a Valentine's Day courting, you can use these candles in the new year and make them permanent by putting LED candles in them.

Artificial eucalyptus plant (79,99₺)

An accessory to color your dinner table on New Year's Eve. If you want, you can use it as a wreath on the wall, as a door ornament on your outer door, or as a pendulum from the ceiling.

Glass water bottle (19,99₺)

We always forget to consume enough water in winter, so these bottles, which will promote water consumption, are very useful with the theme of winter.

Box set (£39.99)

If the cookie had a season, it would definitely be winter. If you want to always have ready-made lots of drinks to warm you up, you need these cookie boxes.

Beige tablecloth (159₺)

What do you expect from a tablecloth? Not to be distracted… If you want to gather the attention in your dishes and table products, here is the perfect choice.

Wine glass transparent

A must in winter, red wine… If you want to enhance your enjoyability with your red wine, this wine glass will be a successful choice. When you sip your wine with this glass, you'll know what I'm talking about.

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